About us

 As a family business we believe that good things come in small packages together with communities based upon common interests and fellowship.

We employ local people on the projects we are involved in including locally sourced materials and supplies.

Genuine collaboration which is open and honest will help to deliver cost effective solutions.  Strong relationships will bring process savings that are commercially beneficial for all. 

In an ever increasing competitive and pressurized environment we believe the supply of a reliable honest personal service based upon practical partnership is key to the delivery of an efficient cost effective service.

We do our best to promote these values while providing a competitively priced product.

Our company is NHBC registered  taking part in providing good construction standards for new homes which is a key priority and our commitment to raising standards in partnership with other key providers within a supply chain.

We have been involved in the delivery of varied projects within budget and on time from extensions, school work, house refurbishments and new build.  We can also provide a minor work and cyclical repair/decoration service.

We ensure our sites are safe and employ consultants to assist in best practice guidance.

We are strongly committed to the ethos of the Considerate Contractors Scheme with a high level beyond compliance regularly met on the developments we are involved in.

 For all your enquires please telephone: 01752 767291     or email:office@cmgbuildingcontractors.co.uk